Hawkit Review: How It Works, Scam or Legit?, Registration

Hawkit is another money-making platform promising members to make money while they spend time on the website doing certain activities. In this Hawkit review, we will explore how the website works, if hawkit.ng is a scam or legit and the registration process.

We have reviewed so many other platforms that are currently paying in 2022 which you may wish to checkout, they include the likes of Kemovest, Platiniumxpwallet, Ravetok, Adsminer, Bismart and of cause, Videomine.

It is evident that most of these platforms pay for a while before their websites go down, leaving their members stunned; especially the ones who often find it difficult to make money from them.

Considering the economic hardship of Nigeria, people are going through difficult moments. Prices of things are going higher every day, and if you are a salary, it is difficult to cope and feed considering how little Nigerian salaries could be.

But man must survive anyways, and that’s the reason why most people take a bold self on the journey of financial freedom to look for ways to make money online from home.

For those who have made it online, (those who have a legit source of making money online) congratulations to you all.

On the other hand, those who are just newbies to the system. I charge you to pay optimum attention to this hawkit review because here, you will get answers to a lot of questions regarding its credibility.

About Hawkit.ng (Review)

Hawkit is an earn money by reading news site that allows members to make money online by commenting, liking, following, sharing, and lots more.

Active members are opportune to make up to 5,000 Naira daily by completing tasks on the platform by using your smartphone and at the comfort of your home.

Interestingly, there is no limitation as to who should obtain membership on this platform. Workers, students, housewives as well as employees can leverage this platform and make money.

Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) company was founded on the 1st June, 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June 2020

How Howkit Works

That’s one good question to ask. Obviously, you are reading this hawkit review because you want to have a basic understanding of how howkit works and everything associated with the platform.

As stated earlier, hawkit.ng is a task performing platform that pays you to perform simple social media tasks and make money doing what you love doing even without gett paid.

Hawkit has been described as a platform that pays you for performing social media tasks, it takes a task from people that needs a particular service, gives its a member the task and pays you part of the money collected from the advertisers. It’s as simple as that.

In summary, Hawkit collects money from entrepreneurs who wish to gain more followers on Instagram and then makes this a task for members to like, share and comment on posts of those entrepreneurs.

In that way, they help people develop more followers on Instagram while members on hawkit are paid in return for performing those activities.

How To Make Money on Hawkit

How To Make Money on Hawkit

There are lots of ways members of Hawkit can make money on the website. Below is how to earn money on hawkit

1. Performing Task

This is the basic and primary way to make money on the platform as it reflects all over the platform and hawkit itself describes itself as a platform that allows you to make money by performing social media tasks.

Some of these activities include the following;

  • Liking social media posts
  • Retweeting
  • Following accounts
  • Commenting

2. Apple Store Review

Apple store review is the highest-paid activity on hawkit. It allows active members to earn 60 per Review.

All you have to do is to download and review selected apps on the Apple Store and earn 60 per Review.

The more you review, the more you earn Platforms.

3. Google Play App Review

Google Play app review is the second highest paying task on hawkit.ng and allows you to earn 30 per Review.

It is very similar to that of the Apple store review, just that the apple store app review pays 60 per review, while the Google play store app review pays 30 per review.

All you have to do is to download and review selected apps on Google Play Store and earn 30 per Review. The more you review, the more you earn.

4. Subscription to YouTube channel

Hawkit will pay you N30 to subscribe to a YouTube channel, once this type of task is available, you will be provided with a link and once you click on the link, you will be taken to YouTube.

All you have to do to complete the subscription task is to subscribe to selected Youtube Channels and earn N30 per subscription. The more channels you subscribe to, the more you earn.

5. WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status task is a task on hawkit.ng platform that allows you to post on your Whatsapp Status and get paid for doing that. This task will earn you N20 per Status Post.

Nowadays, business owners are constantly looking for a large audience to promote and advertise their products and services. As a hawkit member, you can ost adverts of businesses and people on your Whatsapp Status and earn N20 per post.

The more you post, the more you earn

6. Commenting

This task allows you to comment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter TickTock and YouTube Posts and earn N15 per Comment Comment on posts from selected social media accounts, these are things you do for free on a normal day, but with hawkit, you will get N15 per comment.

The more posts you comment on, the more you earn.

7. Twitter retweet

You will get paid when you retweet pots on Twitter to reach a larger audience. This activity allows you to earn N10 per retweet post on Twitter to your followers.

Again, the more posts you retweet, the more you earn

8. Facebook Post Share

When you Share Posts on Facebook via hawkit.ng you will earn 10 per Share, all you have to do is to Share posts from selected social media accounts to your friends. on Facebook and earn 10 per Share. The more posts you share, the more you earn.

9. Follow and like

This is the lowest paying task on the platform and with this task, you will get paid for liking a selected page or following the page. You get paid 3 for liking and 3 for following respectively.

The website will give you the task of following people and pages on selected social media accounts and earn N3 per following.

Conclusively, the more people you follow, the more you, the selected platforms include Facebook Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Ticktock.

10. Hawkit Referral

For those who are highly skilled in referring, you can make good use of the Hawkit referral system and make money faster on the website.

Hawkit will pay you N500 for every successful referral you get on the platform. Note that your referral must register, pay and activate his/her account before you can earn the commission.

Furthermore, you will also earn a Social Boost Referral Commission of 20% of any amount paid when you refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc.

Lets say, if you are able to get 50 users to buy 2000 likes or followers which is about N10,000, Hawkit will reward you with 2,000 per user and a whooping 100,000 instantly.

How To Get Hawkit Referral Link

The first thing to do is by activating your account. It will cost you just 1,000 to get your account activated on Hawkit.

After that is successfully done, log in to your account dashboard and scroll down a little, you will see refer and earn big, click on it and you will see a button to Copy your referral link, it’s as simple as that.

11. Hawkit VTU

Hawkit has a VTU integrated into the website that allows users to make money by selling airtime and data.

You will be able to get 1GB of data for 250 on the platform and may decide to sell 1GB of data for 300 to another person. That’s 50 profit per Gig or even more depending on how much you resell.

How To Withdraw on Hawkit

Here comes the big issue with most of these paying websites. Earning money from them seems possible but the problem comes when members want to withdraw what they have earned after putting in the hard work.

Read below to find out how members can cash out their earnings on Hawkit.

The withdrawal threshold on Hawkit is very low, once you have up to 1,000 in your account you can proceed and place a withdrawal.

All that is required of you is to log in to your account and click on withdraw button.

Ensure to always link your bank account before placing a withdrawal.

Hawkit Registration

Hawkit Registration

Hawkit signup is very simple and straightforward, simply visit the registration page on the website, type in your username and password and click on signup.

However, your account must be activated after signup

Click Here To Register

If you need assistance in setting up your account, WhatsApp Gabby!

WhatsApp Gabby

How To Activate Your Account After Signup

To activate your hawkit account, simply check the become a member button at the top of your dashboard. The website will redirect you to a page showing you how to make money on the platform and some breakdowns, simply scroll down and click on the button that says click here to make payment now.

Use your ATM Card to make a payment. If the Card Option does not work for you, then switch to USSD and proceed with your payment and once that is done your account will be active.

Hawkit will charge you 1,000 to activate your account.

Hawkit App

You can either use the website or the App. Download Hawkit App

Hawkit Review: scam or Legit?

Hawkit Review: scam or Legit?

Hawkit is a newly launched site and is one of the top paying sites in 2022, The website is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commision with RC Number 1677464.

For Now, Hawkit is paying and I have seen enough payment evidence online, but the big question lies in its sustainability. How long is the website going to stay before it crashes?

Conclusion: Hawkit Review: How it Works, Scam or Legit?, Registration

In Conclusion, Hawkit is a website that pays members for performing daily activities on the website such as liking posts on social media accounts, retweeting, commenting, following influencers and referring.

If you are a member of hawkit what do you make of this hawkit review? please drop your comments below.

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45 thoughts on “Hawkit Review: How It Works, Scam or Legit?, Registration”

  1. Hawkit is one of the money making app I trust, but it’s slow when it comes task performance. Hawkit should upgrade so that we enjoy their services more.

  2. I’ve been a member for over a year.
    And I’ve never had issues like y’all have said with them.
    I just placed withdrawals yesterday and I’m expecting today.
    withdrawals take 24hrs of processing.
    I’ve been withdrawing without issues.
    the only problem here is their task fee is too small and their approval time is too far. that’s the only disappointing thing about them.
    it’ll take a while to earn huge. except you start to refer people tho.that will fetch you some amount of cash.

  3. I have been trying to link my Facebook account to hawkit for the past 3days no feedback. still pending. what I do…. it’s seems the system is very slow

  4. How can I change my registration amount to 1050 cos I was told it won’t reflect congratulation as a new active member if it’s just 1k I paid ., help a sister please

  5. abeg why my screenshot no dey upload for my hawkit app after task?
    after selecting my screenshot and try to go back and paste it reloads…pls help

  6. Have payed 1k to the account…. Hoping to see a better result instead i saw to update phone number i have to give out #3. 50 out

    I think this is just a scam, please if there is any way i can get my money back please do it o

  7. this guys are a scam, ponzi also. collection free 1000 naira and giving error msgs why you can not earn update number charges 2.99 naira again. do this do that. i have not earn 1 kobo run run this nigerians at it again born scammers

  8. I have done alot of task and still there is no money in my main wallet
    I have complain to the online official
    And she said is because I have failed task
    I have only Three failed task
    And I have done more than three hundred Task

    And there is no money in my main wallet

    What is going on, I want my money oo

  9. I really find it difficult to earn in Hawkit, but this changed after the review I read during my research on a site (attached to this comment). this site also helped me to know how to withdraw from Hawkit once you’ve reached the Hawkit Minimum Withdrawal limit. there are also some important information on the site as well that may really help you as well.

  10. I have been having issues accessing my hawkit account . if you’re too, there’s a way out, during my research this, I came across this site that solved my problem, it has a step by step procedure on creating an account on hawkit, and solving problems arising from the platform as well. click on the site link attached to this comment and read through, you can drop your complaints on the comments section as well.

  11. Hawkit is a very good paying platform
    But they earning is slow
    Even the withdrawal I placed haven’t drop this is 48hrs and now
    I think they should update they site

  12. Hawkit is a legit site which is registered under the CAC. If you want to confirm, go to the CAC website and search for hawkit

  13. Please I withdrew 500 from my wallet since on Friday am not seeing the money in bank account I don’t understand o

  14. I used Hawkit to promoted a couple of my services. I funded my wallet and started using. Initially everything was fine. Things began to go wrong when I was told my services has been assigned, and for over 48 hours, nothing happened.

    This week I have not been able to login on the app or website, and I still have money in the wallet. It says my account does not exist.

    I’m beginning to feel this Hawkit is scam.

  15. Do not be alarmed. Usually, the verification takes 24 hours to complete, but sometimes it takes longer (but that’s unusual). Sometimes it takes longer some tasks are performed in the evening of the day, so in such a situation, the money will reflect in your wallet in the evening of the next day, that’s how it works.

    So again, do not be alarmed. Your pending money will definitely reflect in your wallet.

  16. Please I need honest answer how long does it take hawkit agent to finish verifying someone’s already worked tasks because my money is still on pending since yesterday that I started am confused because they said that the veryfying is within 24hrs which has already passed now

  17. Avoid using POS to fund your Hawkit wallet. Always use bank transfers, either through your bank app or through USSD banking.

    Also, you may bind your Card to your Hawkit account and fund directly from your bank.

    As the review you’ve just read succinctly says, the platform is a paying one and it requires patience too.

  18. This are some crazy comment, I was thinking of joining but , I with all of these, I don’t know anymore …

  19. It’s working,you pay 1000 ,and you see 115 in your wallet ,each day ,you are assigned work to do .

    The pay is little.but referral will you more.
    Sometimes they have network failure too.

  20. I believe the 1k is for HAWKIT as an organization, so why waiting to see it reflect on your account?

  21. I have made payment through the given account but it as not showed on my profile that I have paid for the membership fee.
    I have the deposit slip with me from pos.

  22. I have an account with howkit after making my payment what I saw was underpay and refunded I paid again but I saw the same thing, I sent massage to there help chat but no reply

  23. I paid #1000 in my hawkit as a membership after paying the money, they are still asking me to join membership again which is not supposed to be so
    Pls I will beg you to help me refund my money or find solution to it.

  24. Good review.

    So far, I think everything’s going well with the platform. I’m still new on the platform though, but this review certainly sheds light on some things.

  25. I just joined hawkit to actually promote my page not make money though from the site, I paid for 100 shares on Facebook I didn’t get up to that. They have poor support and lack due diligence in their members activities.
    About 10 users keep using the same upload as evidence of a completed task. That’s fake. I wrote a review on this on their site, and they still mark that such fake accounts completed my task.
    So in my own review, with so many fake sign ups unchecked, people like who are willing to pay for the service won’t return, therefore leading to it’s eventual crash.
    I strongly wish they wake up before its to late.

  26. I do not think this site will crash as it is paid by other companies for doing work for them As for the person who did not see his friend’s wallet deposited., i suggest he speaks to his own sponsor or Hawkit themselves.

  27. If you aren’t earning from Hawkit it means you can never earn from any other website …it’s the best of all sites and i have being making massively just join and smile always

  28. Yesterday ,21st March ,I transferred #1,000 to the Hawkit wallet of somebody that I wanted to register,up till now Hawkit had not credited or deposited that money to his wallet.I email one Wumi from Hawkit but to my surprise I received no response and I didn’t see that money too, I think this platform is now a scam

  29. I deposited 1000 in my hawkit as a membership after depositing the money in my account, an now seeing 115 in my balance why?

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