INSMEApp Review: Don’t Fall Victim To Scam, Read Before Joining

Welcome to my INSMEApp Review. Today we are going to review this platform to find out if it is legit or not and how INSMEApp works and pay it, members.

So a friend of mine chatted me on WhatsApp about this platform, he said he intends to join soon and I should have a check on it to find out if its legit or not.

Having gathered adequate information about INSME App, I decided to come up with this review so as to educate my fans on everything regarding the platform.


Please kindly note we are not paid to write this article, this INSME review is written mainly to enlighten the public about this platform. You are therefore, at liberty to accept or reject this review and your acceptance and dealing with the platform shall be at your own risk as we won’t take any responsibility for any losses or damages.

About INSMEApp (Review)

We have heard about other income programs that pay it, users, for reading news and sharing on social media (Facebook), However, INSMEApp operates in a different dimension.

INSMEApp is a platform where you can get commissions just by clicking the like button on Instagram. Most celebrities are commercial accounts need thousands of likes and comments and so INSME App provides an opportunity for its members to earn money while they promote celebrity posts on Instagram.

How INSMEApp Works

ISMEApp is affiliated with Instagram (IG), whose main aim is to promote celebrities adverts. When A celebrity places an advert on Instagram by paying a certain sum of money to the Instagram Platform. The INSME Platform on the other hand gets a small fraction of this payment from the official Instagram platform and promote these celebrities adverts to generate likes for their products.

INSME also pays its members for liking and following celebrity profile and pages on Instagram. As a registered member on the platform, you will be given a number of daily activities to do.

The Platform was created on the 6th of October, 2020

How To Make Money On INSMEApp

To make money on INSME App there are two basic business models to consider, that is to say, the platform operates on two basic earning systems.

Commission Allocating

Under this system, INSME members can get earn money by just clicking the Like button on influential marketing contents on Instagram (IG).

Promoting Celebrity Contents

For Prominent celebrities that have popularity but have a shortage of network resources, INSME will provide support and effort in increasing their social media presence so as to reach out to more people across the globe.

INSMEApp Review

INSMEApp Affiliate Program

The INSMEApp provides an opportunity for registered members to earn high commissions referring other people to join the platform.

A member will earn 16% as direct referee earnings, 8% of his 2nd indirect downline (the person referred by your referee) earnings, 4% of the 3rd indirect downline, 1% for the 4th, 5th and 6th indirect downline. This is a big opportunity for those who are very good in referring.

INSMEApp Registration

Before you join or register for InsME you will have to choose a package or plan for your registration.

InsMe has 10 different packages, one is free, and the other (9) are subscription-based. Once you sign up, you may accept 2 missions daily for 3 consecutive days using the free member account.

If you wish to continue receiving INSMe missions after 3 days, the member is required to sign up the lowest package. If a member wants to receive more INSMe missions, they will need to sign up for a higher package.

In other words, the higher your membership level is, the more missions you will receive.

INSMEApp Registration Packages


Trial Package (Free)

Subscription Fee: N168.00

Eligible daily for 2

Number of missions

Validity (days) : 3

First Package

Subscription Fee: N1,680.00

Eligible daily for 3

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 28

Validity (days) : 60

Second Package

Subscription Fee: N6,888.00

Eligible daily for 5

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 69

Validity (days) : 60

Third Package

Subscription Fee: N62,888.00

Eligible daily for 25

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 125

Validity (days) : 60

Forth Package

Subscription Fee: N148,888.00

Eligible daily for 38

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 195

Validity (days) : 60

Fifth Package

Subscription Fee: N298,888.00

Eligible daily for 70

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 213

Validity (days) : 60

Sixth Package

Subscription Fee: N638,888.00

Eligible daily for 140

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 228

Validity (days) : 60

Seventh Package

Subscription Fee : N1,488,888.00

Eligible daily for 290

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 256

Validity (days) : 60

Eight Package

Subscription Fee: N2,988,888.00

Eligible daily for 580

Number of missions

Pay per mission (NGD): 258

Validity (days) : 60

Ninth Package

Subscription Fee : N6,388,888.00

Eligible daily for 1238

Number of missions

Pay permission (NGD): 258

Validity (days) : 60

How To Upgrade Your Package on ISME App

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your plan from one package to another, the higher the package the more benefits you will get on the platform.

To Upgrade your package on ISME App Kindly click sign Up first and click on Pay Via payment Gateway, enter your card details and choose a plan and after payment is successful you will be given the option to upgrade.

INSMEApp Login

You can access the INSMEAPP website

Ensure to always keep your username and password safe and don’t disclose it to anyone.

Who Is The Founder Of INSMEApp?

The founder of INSMEApp is not known and the information regarding that is not provided on their official website. However, you can chat with their official customer service via Whatsapp +85290141755.

They are also located in various states across Nigeria so you can contact there physically

INSME Review: Scam Or Legit?

So far there have been some positive reviews about the INSMEApp and the platform is still fresh and many people have claimed to withdraw from it. So talking about its Legitimacy I can’t possibly tell you INSME is Legit but then it is paying so it is up to you to join so long as it is paying.

But one thing I am sure of is that Nothing last forever. In the same vein, I can’t possibly claim INSME is scam since no one has reported any fraudulent activities on the platform.

INSMEApp Has Finally Crashed

Lastly, the platform claims to partner with Instagram and we know Instagram is a very prominent social platform that would always do business or come in partnership with other platforms that are credible so that makes INSMEapp credible.

In conclusion, the choice is in your hands to decide whether to join the platform or not.

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Conclusion: INSMEApp Review

What are your thoughts on this INSMEApp review?  If you are a member on the platform tell us in the comment section if you have been paid or not and other things we need to know about the platform.

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17 thoughts on “INSMEApp Review: Don’t Fall Victim To Scam, Read Before Joining”

  1. I always look forward to reading the latest posts on this blog, as they consistently offer a unique and interesting perspective on a variety of topics. The author has a talent for presenting information in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

  2. INSME is scam ooo it has crashed don’t fall victim cause me my 100 thousand has gone the guy a scammer they lied to us that it an abroad something not knowing it a Nigerian something pls pls don’t fall victim like me don’t know where to start from how to go bout it been crying since morning can’t sleep till now sef pls don’t oooooooooo

  3. I’m also a member and when I started with them, they pay well but for past few days now they said that they’re doing system upgrading and there hasn’t been any payment. But to my surprise today, the telegram group created has been deleted and all their customer service are no longer responding.

  4. As for now it has got crash, as you said earlier nothing last for ever, and as usual it happened not now but for long time, so you should take a lesson,. But the earlier the better,.

  5. I newly join insme but my withdrawal is yet to be created till now since 4days ago

    Was told it Network upgrade but I fear, many crash or start acting funny after upgrading.

    Well i pray I recover my money ooooooooo

  6. Yes is paying but as u have said earlier nothing last forever…. since yesterday insme member as been facing different challenges ..bcos am one of isme member that invest large amount on it

  7. Indeed insme is a legit site it’s paying very interesting.
    Who ever want to join and wants to get discount just contact me

  8. ? INSME is a legitimate digital company which pays its subscribers daily returns based on the completion of various tasks/missions on Facebook ( the liking of Facebook pages)
    The job is even made easier through through the help of a software called Housekeeper (the Butler) who automatically likes the Facebook pages on your behalf. It costs an extra N20,000 and simply pays for itself. Without it your sojourn on INSME will be frustrating.

    ? Join here: and use the invitation code 148NBA

  9. Yes the site is paying I even got my alert today but the only advice I will give u is u should invest wisely because u know is online business and it can crash any time but for now is still legit

  10. I had about it from a friend and she said it’s paying but I don’t know how long you will wait before payment

  11. Yeah the site is really paying … I registered yesterday and have made close to 12k out of my momey I registered with…

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