Linkcollider Affiliate Program: How Linkcollider Works

Welcome to my Linkcollider affiliate program review, today I am going to show you guys how to send traffic to your website using linkcollider and of course how linkcollider affiliate program works

Have you ever thought of getting traffic to your website for free? of course, getting thousands of traffic to your site is the dream of every blogger

But for you to get traffic to your website for free you need to have certain things put together such as backlinks, Good On page and Off-page SEO, and many more

So I decided to post on my WhatsApp complaining of how am losing traffic to my site and how I have lost some backlinks and it’s affecting me badly

Then my friend called up to me and introduced me to linkcollider, he told me he has been using it for some time now

He has been able to get traffic with the help of this link collider and he has also been able to create backlinks and promote his social pages

I said that’s wow so I decided to check out the site, sign up and account within a few days I was able to get more likes and followers to my page and my site traffic also boosted

So today we are going to learn how to get traffic to your website using Linkcollider and also how to create backlinks to your site using Linkcollider

I am also going to explain how linkcollider affiliate program works and how to make money by inviting people to linkcollider using your referral link

How Does Linkcollider Work

LinkCollider is all you need to reposition your website and your business.

With Linkcollider you can improve your website SEO in several ways and help you connect socially. Our tools are aimed at helping you get the most out of your website while ranking in search engines.

They help promote your business by creating and maintaining social media audiences that help improve your online presence

Linkcollider works as simply as ABC, all you need to do is head on to the website, signup your account and then link your site and social media URLs and start getting traffic and followers

Linkcolloder Affiliate Program
After you have submitted the necessary URLs of your site to linkcollider, the next thing is to start liking and sharing other people’s websites then you earn tokens by doing that.

The more tokens you get the more engagements you get to your websites, you can get tokens for free and you can also decide to pay for premium tokens

to just summarize it all Token serves as your money on Linkcollider. You pay tokens to other Linkcolliders users to give you tweets, likes, shares, blog posts, followers, website traffic, and subscribers.

Free members have 5000 Maximum Tokens, by default. This means you cannot collect more than 5000 tokens. This rule does not apply if you buy tokens – only if you receive them for free

Every time your website gets activity (e.g. tweet, like, share, etc.), tokens will be deducted from your account depending on how much you set the Reward Token.

You can also limit the number of tokens you want to spend daily by setting it up on your dashboard

Below are the SEO services you could be getting on Linkcollider, immediately when your site up you can link your site URL and automatically get a backlink

Linkcollider Afilliate Program

Link collider also offers cool SEO tools like Keyword research, plagiarism checker and lots more as you can see above

If your website is just starting, you need LinkCollider’s help to start up your website traffic.

Sometimes, we can get the shiniest theme, put in genuinely awesome content, and design it with pretty graphics, yet the website traffic still shows up nil.

In such a case, you can use LinkCollider to increase website traffic slowly and steadily.

Instead of buying website traffic from dubious sources that might just get you penalized, sign up for LinkCollider instead and be part of our community.

With our fellow webmasters’ help, LinkCollider helps you build a strong virtual community, earn more revenue, and qualify for an online advertising network, like

Linkcollider Affiliate Program

I guess at this point we already know what affiliate marketing is, you bring somebody to a website to sign up and purchase a product and you earn a commission as simple as that.

Here is the juicy part of this Linkcollider website, So when you invite somebody to linkcollider using your referral link you earn a commission

For every person you bring to LinkCollider who buys a membership plan for the first time, you will get a 20% commission on the sale.

Any commission you make will be automatically sent to your Paypal  account as simple as that

Once you signup an account you will be asked to provide your PayPal details for withdrawals your earnings will be automatically sent to your PayPal when due

Below is their commission rate

Membership Amount You’ll Get
Premium Membership $11.99
Premium Membership (Annual) $27.99
Gold Membership $23.99
Gold Membership (Annual) $55.99


You can see the packages and commissions attached to them are very cool, so even if you are on linckollider for the first time and haven’t gotten the optimum results for your blog

You can capitalize on this Linkcollider affiliate program and invite people to signup account using any of the above packages and earn passive income from this alone

However if someone signup with a free membership account (the one not listed above) you will earn 100 tokens as your referral commission (we already discussed tokens)

So if you can get people to signup with a paid membership package and not the free membership you could be making a huge amount of money from this alone

Just imagine when somebody signup with the Premium membership which is annually you earn $27 instantly, so calculate that for like 3 people, then you will realize you are getting rich already

Linkcollider Affiliate Program Registration

Having understood all the juicy gist about the Linkcollider affiliate program and how link collider works, now is to signup for linkcollider affiliate program

Click Here To Signup Now

While registering an account you can select any of the packages that suit you, but I recommend you for any premium package other than the free package because getting better results is guaranteed

You can also share your linkcollider banner too, Facebook and other social media handles to get people to signup

Placing these banners on your site is a good idea because your visitors will easily see then and click on them and you will start getting traffic to your site

people will rush to click on them in that way you will get signups faster who no like better thing?lol

Tips On How To Maximize LinkCollider

Like I said earlier, LinkCollider is an SEO tool that is chockfull of SEO services. In here, you can increase website traffic, do link building, create unique articles with our article rewriter, and do internet marketing.

It’s very easy to overlook the full array of SEO services we offer for your social media marketing and digital marketing. So, here are 7 easy tips for you to help you maximize the use of linkcollider.

1. Be Patient

As they do say the patient dog eats the fattest bone, In website management, real results cannot be achieved overnight.

Patience is an SEO virtue. While improving your SEO typically needs to be done slowly over months to years, using our SEO tools can help cut down the waiting time to as little as a month.

So be patient and be consistent in using our services to achieve quantifiable and significant results.

2. Get Subscribers, Followers, and Likes at a steady pace

Don’t expect to get truckloads of subscribers, followers, and likes in the space of just one (1) day. If you get on dubious sites and pay to increase website traffic and social media followings, this is possible. However, the results might be dire for your site.

On LinkCollider, we protect our member’s social media accounts so they won’t get penalties from any social media sites.

They optimize how many subscribers, followers, and likes your pages should get per day.

3. Share and Make Our Community Bigger!

You get more Followers and clicks to your websites as our community gets bigger and bigger. Thus, as you see our SEO services and tools working for you,

invite your fellow webmasters and bloggers to LinkCollider not only do you get to help out your friends, you can also make it as part of your passive income when you start earning from our Affiliate Program.

4. Collect Tokens Regularly

To ensure that you get the best out of our website, make sure to always have tokens. All our SEO services are at your disposal so long as you have tokens in your LinkCollider account.

LinkCollider is user-friendly and budget-friendly as we offer FREE ways to collect tokens, but for those who are availing of our SEO tools at a fast pace and thus need large sums of tokens, you can purchase tokens at your convenience in our Store.

5. Use Available SEO tools

Are you sure that you are using the full range of our services? Take advantage of our SEO tools like Drop My LinkBookmark SubmissionDirectory Submission, and Backlink Generator (just to list a few!) to get better and faster SEO results.

Is Linkcollider Worth It?

If you seek my honest opinion I will say lincollider is worth it so you should not panic about leveraging on this SEO tool

The affiliate program is very cool to deal with because of its mouth-watering commissions, while you are utilizing Linkcollider to get traffic to your website

at the same time you are earning from the lincollider affiliate program, you could be making up to $100 with this only in just a few weeks or days as the case may be

But when all is said and done if you are looking for traffic to your site then linkcollider is just here for you unless there is someone who doesn’t want traffic

The website is pretty cool and it works perfectly well so I see no need why you shouldn’t register for linkcolider account

Conclusion: Linkcollider Affiliate Program

Linkcollider is a great tool to leverage in other to get massive traffic to your new website or already existing. link collider affiliate program pays you a high commission when someone signs with your link

What’s your point on this Linkcollider Affiliate program review? Do you have any questions or contributions? if yes let’s discuss it in the comment section

Don’t forget sharing is caring!!

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