FinXpire Affiliate Program Review: Earn 50%+ Commission

FinXpire is another newly launched digital marketplace in Nigeria. If you inquire to know more about this marketing network, this Finxpire affiliate program review will work you through.

Just recently, I was able to teach you how I make 300k+ monthly via sellpass. However, this guide is another kind of them and I will be teaching you everything you should know about Finxpire.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the details of this review.

About FinXpire Affiliate Program (Review)

FinXpire is an innovative digital marketing campaign that drives explicit growth for digital products and connects creators to potential customers.

Just like other affiliate networks in Nigeria, FinXpire is a digital marketplace connecting sellers, promoters and buyers through a means called; vendor, affiliate and product

Just like Megawave technology, the mission of FinXpire is to help creators and vendors succeed by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to grow their businesses. Whether they are just starting out or not.

As one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Africa, FinXpire’s mission is to help young creators across the continent make money more easily by allowing them to leverage on their platform to promote and sell their products without barriers

How To Make Money On FinXpire

You can make money on FinXpire in two basic ways

  • As a vendor or course owner
  • As an affiliate

Make Money As A Vendor

As a vendor or course creator, you can make money on FinXpire when affiliates promote your high-value digital courses.

Being a vendor is an indication that you let your brain work for you. We can also say getting people to work for you while you relax and earn cool money in your bank.

The most important thing is to get your creativity to work by creating a solution (in form of a course) that could solve people’s problems, get it listed on the platform and relax while you get paid daily.

If you are a digital creator, this is an opportunity for you to get your course listed on the FinXpire marketplace for a wider audience.

All products must be heavily scrutinized before granting approval to be listed on the platform.

FinXpire Vendor Commision

As a vendor, FinXpire will collect all the payments on your behalf, pay the affiliate and deliver the product to the buyer.

FinXpire charges 10% of the product cost. So, if your product is $50, FinXpire charges $5.

There is a 30-day refund policy on all products.

Make Money As An Affiliate on FinXpire

You can make money as an affiliate on the FinXpire affiliate program in simple steps.

All you have to do is;

  • Signup on to the website
  • purchase the AMM course
  • Update your account
  • Start promoting these high-value products
  • Get paid when a customer buys through your affiliate link

About The FinXpire AMM Course

The FinXpire Affiliate Money Mastery Program (AMM) course is a fully advanced program that will teach you everything about selling online.

And also, show you the step-by-step guide to using an AMM course to start making legitimate money online

FinXpire Affiliate Money Mastery (AMM) Course Features

1. What super affiliates know that other people don’t about increasing clickthrough rates from free traffic (and how to implement this secret right away even if you’re a complete newbie)

2. The number one worst error in affiliate marketing. (If you make this mistake, even if you nail everything else, you won’t make any money.)

2. A method that has been scientifically tested to help you find the products that will make you the most money. (Most people simply don’t see it, even if it’s right in front of their faces.)

3. The latest insider method for developing affiliate promotions that get attention, raving fans, and sales. (Even if you don’t have a list)

4. The amazing affiliate marketing trick (originally used by cavemen) that turns even the most sceptical and cold-hearted potential customers into molten hot buyers

5. Why discussing the product in your promotions is affiliate suicide (There’s a secret reason this will kill your commissions, and what to do instead)

Money-Making Secrets

1. A powerful “cookie jar” marketing technique that you may use to quadruple your commissions on a single promotion.

2. Is there a best way to make commissions from Facebook without spending any money? (Someone asked this great question. Yes there is and here’s my answer.)

3. 11 creative strategies to get customers to buy through your link (used by some of the wealthiest super affiliates on the planet) (Some of these are a little strange but they all work like gangbusters.)

4. The one kind of affiliate marketing tactic to use if you absolutely MUST make $1000 commissions this month (HINT: It’s fast, free and fun to do)

5. How to earn a ton of commissions quickly and easily without a list or money for advertising (here’s a tried-and-true method)

6. A stealthy way to win Leaderboards and affiliate contests (Outsiders think this is lots of work but to the secret is – it’s an absolute cakewalk.)

7. The shocking truth about why people choose to buy from one affiliate and not another. (Learn this secret and you can double your sales overnight – many have.)

8. 7 ways to create promos that sell (do this right and you’ll never waste your time creating “dead turkey” affiliate campaigns ever again)

9. The #1 EASIEST way to make hands-free commissions ever invented. (This is worth ten times the “entry fee” on its own.)

10. Play-by-play, the exact sequence you need to follow to become a 6-figure month super affiliate (I literally spilt every last money-making bean for you on this one)

AMM Course Bonus Features

1. You will get a 1-year FinXpire affiliate account (worth ₦5,000)

2. Access to cloud-based WhatsApp automation tool (worth ₦30,000)

3. ✅Access to email marketing app (worth ₦15,000)

4. Full-stack digital marketing course (worth ₦150,000)

5. Plugins and templates for building a sales page (worth ₦225,000)

6. Access to 247 support community

Total Value = ₦545,000

Access The AMM Course Now

FinXpire Affiliate Program Registration

Below is a step-by-step guide to signup and becoming an affiliate on FinXpire

Affiliate registration is ₦15,000 which is equivalent to $25

One will ask, how much is the AMM course?

The Price for the AMM course is ₦15,000

Access The AMM Course Now (₦15,000)

If you need me to guide you through and show you my strategies to earning over ₦200,000 weekly

WhatsApp Me Now!!

FinXpire Affiliate program commision

How To Withdraw on FinXpire

After you have earned money either as a vendor or affiliate, your next line of action obviously should be to withdraw your funds.

To withdraw on the FinXpire affiliate marketplace ensure to have all your bank information updated on your account.

Both vendors and affiliates are paid every Monday

Who Should Join the FinXpire Affiliate Program?

As sweet as FinXpire may appear with all its amazing products and offers, the platform is not for everybody.

On this note, it raises the question as regards who should join this digital marketplace.

FinXpire is for you if;

1. ✅ If you want to start affiliate marketing as a stone-cold newbie

2. ✅ A  fresh graduate who cannot secure a Job in the labour market

3. ✅ Any student who wishes to get a paying side hustle

4. ✅ If you are a sit-at-home mum or dad looking for a legit means to make money

5. ✅ You are a 30k salary earner looking for a side hustle. (you can’t survive with 30k in the Nigerian economy)

6. ✅ Anybody who has an abundant mindset and believes in real possibilities.

FinXpire Affiliate Program Review: Scam or Legit?

The FinXpire affiliate program is a newly promoted network offering high-value digital products and also helping digital creators sell their products on their marketplace.

The platform was launched in the early days of Feb 2023 and is already dominating the digital marketplace.

On the virtual of its goal, the platform was created to help eradicate poverty in Nigeria through its products and features.

FinXpire is a legit affiliate program that offers members the opportunity to learn high-income digital and marketable skills and get paid to promote digital courses.

Since certificates are now becoming less valuable in Nigeria, it is pertinent to get a high-income skill that could set you earning more than a professor with your smartphone.

The most pivotal thing is you can utilize this knowledge and skills outside the platform and still make money. Until death, your high-income skills remain with you.

The AMM Program course will expose you to so many digital skills you can learn. These include copywriting, landing page mastery, organic and paid traffic mastery and many more.

FinXpire Payment Evidence

Below is evidence of payments from those who have leveraged this platform and have withdrawn. FinXpire scam or legit

FinXpire CEO

Founders of FinXpire

FinXpire affiliate network was founded by a group of creative minds

Samson Olaleye (Founder)

Abiodun Ayobami (Co-Founder)

Franca Okpala (Customer Care Manager)

Virtuous George (Social Media Manager)

Joseph Tochi (Creative Designer)

FinXpire Website

You can access the website via

Contact them via

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