Miratel.tech Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Register

Miratel.tech is a new platform that has been launched not long enough. As usual, LegacyTips has been the most trusted review site to discover if a platform is legit or not, we have decided to cover this Miratel review to unleash how the platform works and how to make money from it

The advent of technology has created many job opportunities for people who are willing to seize opportunities in the digital space. With your smartphone, data and internet connection, you can be in your room all day and still make more money than someone dressing up for work daily.

There are some of these platforms have made easier the lives of many Nigerians. We have covered the review for some of these platforms which include PureNetwork Intel, XtraIncome and TopupVista

Nevertheless, this review is basically about Miratel and without further ado, let’s jump right into the details

About Miratel (Review)

Just like Digital System, Miratel is a network connecting youths together to empower them with the relevant skillset that could also help them utilize these skills to make money from anywhere and anytime across the globe.

Miratel.tech also focuses on connecting entrepreneurs, brand and business owners, and skilful people with those who need their services.

Users can make money through affiliate and digital marketing as they leverage the platform to acquire skills.

Miratel Launched on the 28th November 2022.

Features on Miratel (How They Work)

Miratel has so many amazing features that give members a diverse way to make money on the platform. Below are some of the hot features

1. eCommerce

Under this feature, members can directly post their products on the website using their activity earnings on the marketplace. From there, Miratel will display and help market these products to the right people who need them. The products are visible to both members and non-members

2. Courses

Members have access to courses that will equip them with high-income skills. These skills are worth hundreds of thousands to learn but with the help of the platform, members can gain access to them by paying little activity earnings. Some of these skills include

  • Programming
  • Coding
  • Web development
  • UI/UX design
  • Video editing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media influencing
  • Email marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Shopify and E-commerce
  • Language skill
  • Podcasting
  • Software development
  • 3D animation and motion skills
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Data Science
  • Advanced technical analysis

3. Mira Beauty and Talent Contest

This is a competition that allows members to participate with a few of their activity earnings and the winners can make as much as 200,000 monthly

4. Lucky Wheel

This is another contest where members can participate with their activity earnings, spin the wheel and earn potentially large amounts of money

5. Mirabet Sports Predictions

This feature enables users to make betting predictions using their activity earnings with the aim and potential to win

Why Miratel?

  • Here are some reasons you should consider joining Miratel
  • They have the best graphic designer
  • Miratel has a cool earning feature
  • They have one of the most converting landing page
  • The vendors assigned for coupon codes are fast
  • The website is easily accessible
  • You can learn high-income skills
  • Miratel helps you protect your business and product to a larger audience

How To Make Money on Miratel

Miratel as an affiliate platform pays members for doing certain activities on the website. If you just got registered, below is how you can earn money

  • A welcome bonus of ₦‎2,000
  • Daily Login Bonus is ₦‎250
  • Sharing of Welfare (Or sponsored posts) earns you ₦‎350
  • You will get a referral commission of 2600
  • An indirect referral commission of ₦‎200 will be awarded when your immediate referral also refers another person
  • You will get a third-generation referral commission of ₦‎200

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For a video explanation, below is a guide on how Miratel works

How To Withdraw on Miratel.tech

Non Affiliate earner can decide to withdraw anytime as withdrawal is automated. The automation bottom is on the user’s dashboard.

The minimum withdrawal for non-referral earnings is ₦‎20,000. All automated activities and earnings withdrawals always get paid every 20th of the Month. That is, we always begin the process non Affiliate payments every 20th of the month

Affiliate users can withdraw twice weekly with a minimum withdrawal of ₦‎5,000 (Tuesday and Thursday, 4 to 5 pm)

Does Miratel Pay Without Referral?

On Miratel, Referral is optional as there are tons of Mira features that makes you thousands of Naira without having to worry about bringing somebody to join. Nevertheless, you will always earn higher and faster when you refer

Miratel Registration

A one-time payment of 3,500 is all that is required to register and become a legal member. Before that, you will have to purchase a coupon code from an assigned and trusted vendor

Join Miratel Now

Miratel Website Login

You can access the official website via https://miratel.tech

Miratel.tech Review (Scam or Legit)

Miratel.tec Review (Scam or Legit)

Miratel is a newly launched platform. As of the time of documenting this review, the domain was discovered to be just 10 days old. For now, LegacyTips can not guarantee the legitimacy of Miratel.


Adding to its credibility, the platform has just been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Nevertheless, this (Sponsored) review has been documented to provide information about the platform’s operation. We are in no way trying to promote or tarnish the reputation of the company.

The decision to join Miratel Technology solely depends on you to make

Conclusion: Miratel Review: Another Scam?

Miratel is one of those newly launched platforms. We @ LegacyTips have documented this review to provide relevant information about the working principalities of the platform

There is so much payment evidence flooding everywhere and the platform has already celebrated 10,000 members at the time of documenting this review.

Feel free to drop a comment below about your experience with the platform

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31 thoughts on “Miratel.tech Review: Scam or Legit? How it Works, Register”

  1. Miratel was a really big scam. i did all the tasks yet i was never credited. But then i found another that works just like Miratel but this is one is different as it has its own app on google play store. it is also a great platform for you to earn money by affiliate marketing.

    Here is the link to join

  2. “As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of extra income. There are opportunities available that people have been using for years now…
    MEGAWAVE is the easiest and fastest way to earn 30 to 50k weekly! It’s the biggest news in the history of AFFILIATE MARKETING????????????
    Hurry and join us now!
    _Wave of financial stability_ ????????????????
    Have you heard of megawave?

  3. This MIRATEL something is scam they debited me auto withdrawal of 25k for my non referral activities bonus but they didn’t pay it into my bank account since on 24th of last month. Pls people should stop registering under them. They’re scam in disguise

  4. Since the beginning till now miratel is yet to pay me for my activities so I don’t recommend it to anyone until they pay. Activities

  5. be like say miratel has crash cuz since i register they have not paid me for once my activity earning don reach 20000 since abeg i need help

  6. My own section of payment affiliate or task non of the two options click, am trying to withdraw the affiliate is not clicking

  7. I dont know wether to register make my money no otilo

    Dis whole thing dey confuse me , me when no come Sabi affiliate marketing

  8. miratel tech will not go because the company have paid 2 millionaire for just one person

    my friend success collect 630,000naira cash from affiliate referring withdraw
    for legit vendor and fast dm in WhatsApp 08132517205
    miratel is here to stay

  9. As a non affiliate earner is it only on the 20th we can withdraw funds? I basically thought it was on Fridays. Please I need an explanation.

  10. I paid for a coupon code to a vendor but when I tried using the code to register someone I was told the code has already been used and the vendor refuses to replyu chat…now the person I was suppose to register is on my neck

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