Montek Investment Review: Don’t Be Scammed, Read Before You Invest

This Montek Investment Review is documented to walk you through and give you a vast explanation on how Montek Investment works, if it’s legit or not and why you shouldn’t invest your hard-earned money without understanding facts about the Investment scheme.

After Making a review on TradePander Investment Which happens to be trending at the moment, a friend of mine requested I make a review on Montek Investment and that was how I came up with this review.

About Montek Investment (Review)

According to the information gotten from their website, Montek Investment is Nigeria’s most reliable and Trusted Investment Platform with thousands of members visiting every day. According to them, the best providers of investment services in Nigeria delivering a diverse range of established and pioneering service. In addition, they also claim to be highly experienced, reliable, consistent and maximizing every investment opportunity.

Montek Investment specializes in creating an environment where people want to earn, and where personal success is aligned with company success to achieve a common goal.

How Montek Investment Works

How Montek Investment Works

Montek is a unique Investment scheme, Unique in the sense that all Investments are paid within 7 days of Investment and not 30 days like usual.

The Investment scheme offers a 20% start-up ROI to every investor with a minimum of ₦10,000 and a maximum of ₦500,000 for a start. This ROI is to be paid weekly to enable reinvestment and full commitment to members.

Montek Investment seems to be the first Investment scheme that pays investors at the end of 7 days whereas other Investment schemes payback is in 30 days

Furthermore, What Montek Investment company do with investors money is that they use it to trade cryptocurrencies and by do doing generate revenue to pay out her Investors with the stipulated RIO at the end of 7 days

To Become an investor you have to select any of the available Montek Investment Packages

Montek Investment Packages

Below are some of the available Packages to get started on Montek Investment

Montek Investment Packages

  • 10k to get 12k
  • 20k to get 24k
  • 50k to get 60k
  • 100k to get 120k
  • 200k to get 240k
  • 500k to get 600k

Note: Return on Investment (RIO) is 20% of any Investment Package after 7 days

How To Register On Montek Investment

To Register and become an Investor on Montek, you have to purchase a coupon code of your choice.

Each Package has its own coupon code

Coupon Code:

Each Package comes with 20% ROI on all Investment

Use the coupon code to register in your preferred package. Make sure you buy from a trusted vendor.

Montek Coupon Vendors

Montek Investment Registration

Once you have gotten the coupon code, Fill in your information as provided below and click on register.

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Who Is The Founder Of Montek Investment?

The Founder of Montek Investment is a team consisting of Simeon Earnest and Netprof Emmanuel

Montek Head Office

Montek Investment doesn’t have a physical office yet. However, you can contact the admin via you can also fill the contact us package on their website

Is Montek Investment Scam or Legit? 

Montek Investment Scam or legit

Montek Investment was created and launched in January 2021 and you can see from the Domain Age, it is going to expire in January of 2022 and that should tell you the platform is not going to last longer than that.

Netprof Emmanuel who happens to be the CEO of Montek Investment is a hard-working entrepreneur who also created and managed an income program before

So Based on my Assessment, Montek Investment may be the first Investment scheme to Payback Investment with %20 RIO, they also have a well designed and structured website but don’t be fooled the platform is too good to be true. Just imagine investing 500k and getting 600k in just 7 days is too good to be true

In conclusion, Montek Investment is not genuine And I won’t advise you to invest your hard-earned money with them. Forget about the massive figures of investors in the website because it’s fake and Montek is nothing but a Ponzi scheme and it will end just like how a Ponzi scheme ends

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Conclusion: Montek Investment Review

In conclusion, This Montek Investment Review was documented to give you insight Partening to The Investment scheme works. We are in no way trying to promote or damage the reputation of this platform,  all assessments made here are just personal and they are meant to guide you

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1 thought on “Montek Investment Review: Don’t Be Scammed, Read Before You Invest”

  1. Montek investment is s scam and a fraud. It actually paid the 20% interest after 7 days for a few months but it actually crashed completely in the beginning of April 2021. They promised 25% interest during Easter 2021 and declared bankruptcy within the week of the investment. An individual lost #4M. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN MONTEK. It’s even foolishness to invest in a company with no physical office! Plus, the owner and the CEO have this immoral attitude of bringing God deceitfully into their operations. They have the attitude of they’re doing you a great favour. Tun from Montek investment.

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