Panic As Giftalworld Income Program Officially Shutdown

Giftalworld has Officially shut down, there has been panic all over the Country as popular Giftalworld income program has shutdown their website shortly after paying their GAS earners.

We can recall that Giftalworld has emerged as one of the biggest income program in Nigeria that has paid out billions to Nigeria and many students, serving coppers as well as teachers benefited greatly from the platform.

In one of my recent blog post, I explained why you should never join the platform hoping to be paid without a referral because you might end up disappointed.

Giftalworld Income Program Shutdown

Ever since that ugly experience on Giftalworld, there have been some questions regarding the platform and many have come to believe that Giftalworld has crashed and is finally a scam

Giftalworld released the statement on their official website as dated today 29th May 2020 to address its members concerning the allegations and the future of Giftalworld read the statement below…..


Good morning ☀️ to all Giftalians.

Giftalworld has been paying Nigerians since October 26 2018. * Billions of naira payout achieved. *Taking member trip to Dubai achieve *Making over 20users Millionaires

And many more, we try all our best to take Giftalworld to this level.

We now have almost 500k users which means more responsibilities.

Has stated in our policy we let you know that we share our revenue till it get exhausted, still yet after payment some members become arrogant cause they are not paid.

Our Revenue can never reach all members.

I did all my best to make this platform sustainable but Nigerians are ungrateful they keep blackmailing me on social media and other platforms, some will send me some useless text messages and many more.

So It seems they don’t want to company to grow again, No problem.

So now we have decided to shut down the platform and never expect Giftalworld Again. This decision is not easy but we have to make it anyway so everyone moves on.

All members that have earned N5000 Gaf on their wallet and above will be paid today , though it’s not a small million we have to do it anyway cause that’s our agreement we must pay you your Gaf ones you hit N5,000.

While the Gas earners, we already share This month revenue so no more revenue to share again since the business is closing down.

It’s a pity I never dream of this day, Nigerians have spoiled all my plans for this business. I know how hard I fought to get it to Top 100 website in Nigeria ?? and keep paying on a daily basis.

I will be going Live 9 am today To make my last live video speech to Giftalians. Am very sorry to all Giftalians very very sorry I have to do this no choice. We shall all meet at the top.


Letter from the CEO of Giftalworld


Giftalworld Shutdown – Confirmed

The news of “Giftalworld Shutdown their websitehas kept its members in shock, some people who joined the platform recently took to social media and the Giftalworld site to express their grief and disappointment while others praised the CEO for a job well done and how favourable the platform has to be to them.


Below are members Reactions…



Giftalworld Income Program Shutdown


Giftalworld Income Program Shut down

Giftalworld Income Program Crash

Although Giftalworld CEO promised its members to pay out all pending withdrawals before closure, it is such a bad news to see Giftalworld close down.

Nevertheless, a lot of people have benefited greatly from this Income program, we say Goodbye to Giftalworld


Conclusion: Giftalworld Shuts Down Their Website

The News of Popular income program Giftalworld shutdown their website is so far one among the most shocking news of all time.

Remember Giftalworld has paid out billions to its members since it was launched in October 2018 and so far it has been the best income program in Nigeria that has ever existed

Personally I don’t think any income program can go as far as Giftalworld has gone

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